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Do recurring dreams have any meaning?

by Rabbi Shlomo Chein


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Do recurring dreams have any meaning?  I keep having dreams that seem to be a continuation of the same story.  When I first started having these dreams, I wasn't thinking about anything related; now I just try to decipher what I dreamt. - Carol


Dreams have meaning.

Most of the time they don't have original meaning; they only have reflective meaning.

In other words, dreams don't tell you what you should be thinking about; they tell you what you HAVE been thinking about.

You have the message for your dream; it doesn't have a (original) message for you, it only has a reflection of your thoughts.

It is thus very likely to have repeated dreams about the same thing, if you keep thinking about that thing.

In very rare instances it is possible that a dream has significant original meaning and a message for you. In such instances the same exact dream might be repeated numerous times. See What do dreams mean?

Again, this is very rare.


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