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Is the holocaust a fulfillment of a biblically forewarned punishment?


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Rabbi Shlomo: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment...what's on your mind?

beewildered: Hi, I was just wondering, Chassidism is soo open and accepting of all jews. Chabad is famous for not explaining the holocaust as a punishment for not following Torah-but how does this corrolate to G-d's own words in the torah about punishment coming when jews stray from following g-d's commandments?

Rabbi Shlomo: Yes, there are passages in the Torah that speak of punishment.... BUT... Who are we to know if the Holocaust is a fulfillment of these passages of the Torah? Unfortunately, these passages have been visited upon the Jews over and over again throughout their difficult history -- Nachmanides states that the passages in Leviticus were fulfilled with the destruction of the 1st Temple and the subsequent Babylonian Exile, and the passages in Deuteronomy are a reference to the ravages brought upon Jerusalem and its inhabitants during the 2nd Temple Destruction Era -- it is therefore difficult to pinpoint exactly which punishments are fulfillments of these verses.

 beewildered: Thanks, that's a really good point

 beewildered: thank you for you time rabbi

Rabbi Shlomo: You're welcome

Rabbi Shlomo: Come back anytime if you have any other questions

[Ed. note: Also read about 'Was the Holocaust a punishment?']

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