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Does G-d really care about what I do?

by Mrs. Sarah Levi


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Does G-d really care if I eat pork? - Ben


Yes. G-d does care.

Certainly, G-d is great enough to handle whatever we do. But, He has chosen to relate to us. In this way He is like a parent. He has given us a way to act, a way to elevate ourselves and the world.

There is a system of positive and negative energy in the world. The Torah is simply giving us the spiritually healthy path of positive energy.

Does it bother a parent when a child is not living up to his potential, or doing something damaging to his/herself?


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No god does not care anymore

Posted by: Matt Mitchell, San Antonio, TX, US on Sep 18, 2005

The only reason god imposed these laws on the Jewish people in the past was to keep them from dying off. Back in the day when god imposed these laws he did it because it wasnt as easy to keep and prepair pork properly and God didnt want some silly thing like food poisening kill off all his people.

Editor's Comment

Any meat, when not stored properly, can cause food poisoning. Contrary to popular misconception there is no indication in the Torah or ancient Jewish writings that the laws of Kosher are connected to health. There may (or may not) be side benefits of keeping these laws, but Kosher (as a commandment) is not, and never was, synonymous with health. There is actually a separate section of Jewish law (in addition to the laws of Kosher) that deals with foods one may not eat (or things one may not do) because they may pose a health risk. But I digress, because the point of this article is not pork, beef, or any food. The question at hand is whether G-d really cares about anything we do.

G-d Wants You to Keep Kosher like your wife wants you to buy flowers...

Posted by: Andrew, Jerusalem on Jan 21, 2010

I used to think the same thing. I didn't see the practicality of keeping Kosher.

I refused to accept any arguments for keeping Kosher. Didn't seem practical & furthermore I figured that if G-d really loves me, He would be fine with my decision in something as simple as eating.

Then a wise Rabbi told me: "When you get married & your wife asks you to buy her red roses, what will you do? You love her, you want to connect with her. What if you buy her daisies instead, because you think she'll be fine with them? Did you buy them because that's what she wants or that's what YOU think she wants? You might love your wife, but you are loving her the way YOU want to love her, not the way SHE wants to be loved."

I realized that if I wanted a really deep connection with G-d that I would have to start loving Him the way HE wants to be loved, connecting with him the way HE wants me to connect, & not do what I think He would want--ESPECIALLY with something as simple as food. I now keep Kosher.


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