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Is it true that the Torah was given first to the women?


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Rabbi Latowicz: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment...

carlos: shalom: is it true that the Torah was given first to the women?

Rabbi Latowicz: no...but G-d adressed the women first in the days preceding the Giving of the Torah

carlos: Why?

Rabbi Latowicz: beccuase when he adressed the men 1st on previous occassion ( Adam & Eve, not to eat fom the tree) it was a disaster

Rabbi Latowicz: women are more morally responsible than men

carlos: :-))

Rabbi Latowicz: lol

Rabbi Latowicz: hasnt changed much since then either

carlos: when G-d adressed the women, what did he say to them?

Rabbi Latowicz: as the first step to the actual giving of the Torah to the Jewish people, Moshe Rabbeinu was ordered first to speak to the women (the "House of Jacob"), and (then to the rest of) the Children of Israel1, thus emphasizing the special role and responsibility of the Jewish women and daughters for the preservation of the Torah and mitzvahs in Jewish life.

carlos: So the womens have a kind of special mission

Rabbi Latowicz: yes

Rabbi Latowicz: they are the AKERET HABAYIT

carlos: what does that mean?

Rabbi Latowicz: the Foundation of the Jewish Home

carlos: ohh

Rabbi Latowicz: they raise the next genration of Jews

carlos: ok..thank u for ur help...laila tov

carlos: :-))

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  • 1. Exodus 19:3 - see Rashi there


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