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What is gematriah and how does it work?


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Rabbi Marcus: Shalom and welcome to Askmoses!

seeker: What is gematriah and how does it work?

Rabbi Marcus: Gematriah is the numerical Alef-Bet. Each Hebrew letter has a numerical value and when we calculate letters/words by their numeric value, we are using Gematriah.

seeker: How does that work? 

Rabbi Marcus: The interpretations of Torah are generally divided into four categories: literal, allusion, homiletic, and secret (Kabbalistic).

Rabbi Marcus: Gematriah, is part of the “allusion” category. Basically, gematriah means that when words or phrases share numeric equivalence it is often a symptom of an inner connection between those two things.1

Rabbi Marcus: So, for example, the Divine Name Elokim is numerically equivalent (86) to the Hebrew word Hateva - which means nature - since Elokim is the Name that represents our perception of G-d as the Creator and sustainer of nature (as opposed to Y-H-V-H, which represents our perception of G-d as transcendent from nature.

seeker: Are there examples of gematriah in the Talmud?

Rabbi Marcus: Yes. For example, the Talmud uses gematriah to show that Abraham recognized G-d at age three (eikev=172...).2

For in-depth coverage of the various forms of gematriah used by the kabbalists, visit

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  • 1. People make all sorts of gematrias all the time. However, since this is part of a deeper aspect of Torah, it takes a qualified scholar to make a proper gematria and highlight a real connection.
  • 2. Tractate Nedarim 32a. The verse (Genesis 26:5) says G-d blessed Abraham "Eikev (trans. because) Abraham listened to my voice". The Talmud translates Eikev in its numerical value 172, and reads the verse "[For] 172 [years] Abraham listened to my voice”. Abraham lived to be 175 - 172 = 3, so we know Abraham already discovered G-d at the young age of three. (See there for other examples of gematria.)


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