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How can I discern if G-d is intervening in my life?


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Rabbi Tilles: Shalom-Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment. You can start typing your question if you like.

HearingGod: Hi I am not Jewish but I have a question about my understanding of God.

Rabbi Tilles: ok

HearingGod: My question is how does one discern if God is intervening in one's life. How do you find God in the mundane part of our lives?

Rabbi Tilles: Nice question.

HearingGod: For example, if I pray that a certain event will come or if I should better myself spiritually how do you discern that change. This has always baffled me.

Rabbi Tilles: G-d is always present and always involved. And always in charge. But

HearingGod: yes

Rabbi Tilles: He is not necessarily showoff about it. Sometimes it is quite subtle. But if your eyes and ears are always open and aware of this, you will start to notice.

HearingGod: Can you give me an example?

Rabbi Tilles: When you realize that there is no such thing as a coincidence, you start to wonder why certain things have taken place.

Rabbi Tilles: Here is a deep example. You see someone doing something that you think or know is wrong. Why did your life work out that you should be confronted with this?

Rabbi Tilles: Are you supposed to rebuke the person? Help the person? Is it a message from G-d to you to consider whether you have the same problem or tendency?

Rabbi Tilles: etc.

HearingGod: Great example, I never thought of life's circumstances that way before. I'm not sure how to discern such occurences in my life on a daily basis.

HearingGod: Thank you Rabbi for your consideration of my question. Goodbye.

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