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Does G-d care if I do ALL the mitzvahs?


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Mrs. Kumer: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment...

Jewguy: I was reading the article about being a "Good Jew", [Ed. note: Read "What makes someone a "good Jew"?] and it talked about Judaism being ones personal relationship with G-d. I'm not very religious, though i conduct my life with a morality and good-nature towards those around me that I feel G-d would want out of me. And i feel that makes me a good Jew. (okay, sorry here comes the question) Am I wrong to think so?

Mrs. Kumer: good question

Jewguy: okay, and sorry about the length of question.

Mrs. Kumer: np

Mrs. Kumer: certainly G-d wants goodness, kindness and morality

Mrs. Kumer: these are all intrinsic to Judaism

Jewguy: I agree.

Mrs. Kumer: and of course you do believe in G-d

Jewguy: I think I do...haha

Jewguy: Im in a weird stage of faith right now

Mrs. Kumer: ok

Jewguy: which brings me here

Mrs. Kumer: good 4 u

Jewguy: thank you

Mrs. Kumer: however, there are many many mitzvahs that G-d also told us to observe

Jewguy: Is God offended if i don't observe them.

Mrs. Kumer: G-d does not have feelings like people

Mrs. Kumer: its not like G-d will be insulted and hold a grudge

Mrs. Kumer: but on the other hand

Jewguy: It seems like he can get angry though. haha

Jewguy: I think what i'd like to know is if G-d cares about me

Mrs. Kumer: very much

Jewguy: cause i believe truly my approach is very good.

Jewguy: and my belief is that G-d would think so too.

Jewguy: But i wonder what the jewish community thinks of me

Jewguy: though i am quite content with my belief system

Mrs. Kumer: the community matters but more it matters what G-d wants

Jewguy: ahhh

Mrs. Kumer: its like this

Mrs. Kumer: you are doing mitzvhas (commandments)

Mrs. Kumer: and very important ones too

Mrs. Kumer: but what about all the others

Mrs. Kumer: an example

Mrs. Kumer: carrots are healthy so i eat only carrots

Mrs. Kumer: forgetting about protein, other vitamins etc

Jewguy: are all of these proteins and vitamins vital toward me ascending to G-d

Jewguy: if i ate only carrots, could i not reach G-d

Mrs. Kumer: we are talking about spiritual health

Mrs. Kumer: so in life

Mrs. Kumer: we dont want to be just alive or in mildly good health

Mrs. Kumer: and person wants to be in full health

Mrs. Kumer: so too with the mitzvahs

Mrs. Kumer: we need to do them all to be spiritually healthy, close to G-d and fulfill our life mission

Jewguy: Is it bad to be content with mild spiritual health?

Mrs. Kumer: the word bad tends to be very discouraging

Jewguy: is it frowned upon?

Jewguy: maybe

Mrs. Kumer: by G-d

Mrs. Kumer: of course G-d wants us to do all the mitzvhas

Mrs. Kumer: that is why He gave all of them

Mrs. Kumer: to connect with him and be our best

Jewguy: Does G-d have the emotion of disappointment, or

Jewguy: have the ability to be displeased with me?

Jewguy: If he has the ability to "want", but if he doesnt "get" me to do all Mitzvah, will he not like that...or even care. Does he have the human emotion of caring?

Mrs. Kumer: G-d love syou like his only child

Mrs. Kumer: and is waiting for every mitzvah you do

Mrs. Kumer: and proud when you do

Jewguy: I definitely like that

Jewguy: I like the idea of G-d seeing us as children. Its like even if we screw up, G-d loves us anyway.

Mrs. Kumer: thats totally 4 sure

Mrs. Kumer: He always loves us

Mrs. Kumer: and he waits for our repentance and not to punish us

Jewguy: thats so cool

Jewguy: i never knew that

Jewguy: Mrs. Kumer I think im going to go to sleep now. But i want to thank you very very much for your time and patience. I can be very scatterbrained sometimes.

Jewguy: haha

Mrs. Kumer: i have been a bit distracted mysef here too

Mrs. Kumer: i also apologoze

Jewguy: i just discovered this ask Moses thingy and ive been on it for like the last 2 hours

Mrs. Kumer: i'd be really happy to chat again

Jewguy: thank you

Mrs. Kumer: well, please come back again

Mrs. Kumer: and have a great Shabbat

Jewguy: You too, bye!

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