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Evolution: is it really logical or merely likable?

by Rabbi Tzvi Shapiro


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Let us examine this from a strictly logical perspective. Forget religions, bibles, and commandments; when you see a beautiful sophisticated object, what is your first and most logical theory for its origins?

Stop, look away from this article and look around the room. Choose something of significance and ask yourself how it got there? Or better yet, how it came to be in the first place?

Something tells me that your instinctual and rational conclusion is - someone put it there, someone made it.1

The world is undoubtedly an extremely beautiful and exceptionally sophisticated "object". As a matter of fact, the more science you know, the more sophisticated the world seems to be.

It is thus very logical that the world, like every other thing you know, has someone, or something, that made it. On the other hand, it is a completely illogical assumption, though somehow a widespread one, that the world came about by accident.

So why do so many people believe (yes, I say the word "believe") in Evolution?2

Evolution has three things going for it:

1) There is no money dependant on the accuracy of this theory, so people don't really care. If evolution was trying to sue you your lawyer would have it dismissed in the first round of cross examination. If it was used as reason for you to stop using your iPod, you would easily challenge and refute it.

2) It supposedly happened millions of years ago, and that is too far back for people to think about seriously. I mean, seriously, if I told you that 50 years ago in the Bronx Zoo apes turned into humans, would you be so quick to believe it? But it supposedly happened millions of years ago. That is before Facebook was invented, so who cares.

3) It denies the existence of a Creator, which means the world was simply an accident. Accidents don't have purpose, and without purpose we are free to do whatever we want. People are happy to hear they can do whatever they want; it sure beats being told there is a Creator who has rules.

The first two factors make it harmless to accept. The third factor makes it desirable. Put the three together and boom, you have created an idea that has evolved into a widespread belief.

If you want to follow, follow your mind. If you want to listen, listen to your soul. If you want to explore, explore the world around you. Either way you will see the logic in a Creator and the lack of logic in the absence of one.


  • 1. Would you believe that the computer on which you are reading this very article came about by accident? Would you believe me if I told you that there was plastic, metal, and silicon sitting in my attic, and after four days of rain the moisture in the room was such that combined with the sunlight streaking through the cracks in the roof it caused the raw materials to form into your computer? Or would you think I am crazy!
  • 2. This article is addressing Cosmic Evolution, i.e. the "Evolutionary history of life". Biological evolution or generational mutations within species is another issue.


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