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How can I close my business for Shabbat?

by Mrs. Dinka Kumer


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I am Jewish. G-d has blessed us with a donut shoppe, but we are open on the Sabbath. I feel like a phony. Does G-d understand more than man. Please send me your answer, Lilly R.


Thank G-d you have a wonderful source of income. I know how popular donuts are. They are in my house, too!

The challenge not to open your shop on Shabbat is a huge one since you are obviously most concerned about your income and what toll this could take.

While I cannot imagine having to endure such a test of faith, I hope that I can try and give some direction.

G-d is the provider of all, and He is the Source of our income. Yes, we take the necessary means in order to create a profession by which to work and profit, but the ultimate Bookkeeper is G-d.

In other words, we cannot earn more or less than determined by G-d. If we make money which was not meant for us, or by prohibited means, then G-d can find ways to rid us of than unintended income (fridge repair, dental bill, driving ticket, you name it...). On the other hand, if we are meant to receive money, but have yet to earn it then G-d can also find a way to get us that additional income (sales upturn or bonus, tax refund, unexpected gift or inheritance, etc.).

G-d is also the Source of the commandments, including Shabbat. There is a rule in Judaism that no harm can come to someone who is fulfilling a Divine commandment. By keeping Shabbat, you will lose no income. In fact, you will gain merit by keeping this special commandment which, in turn, will be an added source of blessing for you. There are untold numbers of stories that testify to this fact -- that keeping Shabbat braught salvation and blessing to those who strove to do so (and despite the apparant odds).

May you find the inner strength and resolve to commit to keeping Shabbat, and may this bring you an abundance of physical and spiritual blessings.


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