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Is it forbidden to talk to the deceased?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg


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There is no problem with talking to the soul of a departed person. The Torah (Deut. 18:11) tells us only that we are forbidden to "consult the dead." This means that one may not do any act with the goal of summoning the spirit of a dead person to ask them a question. The reason for this prohibition (see Chinuch, commandment 515) is because the Torah outlaws all forms of magic.

This does not meant that a person cannot address a departed one.

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Talking to the departed or dead people

Posted by: Eduardo, Guatemala, Guatemala on Mar 09, 2006

What`s the use of talking to a deaprted one if we will no receive an answer? We talk to our departed loved ones to tell them soemthing and we would wish for them to answer in any way. For instance, I am happy of something, I tell my departed father, I would wish for him to listen and of course I would wish to be answered. But in general when one is asking or seeking for advise, there, we definetely want an answer, if not, why ask?


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