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Why do many chassidim pray so late?
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Why do Jews consider Tuesday to be a lucky day?

by Rabbi Moshe Miller


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“Lucky” is not really the correct terminology, since Jews believe in Divine Providence, not luck. Perhaps auspicious would be better.

The reason that Tuesday (i.e. the third day of the week according to the Jewish calendar – Sunday being the first day) is special, is that the phrase “and God saw that it was good” is mentioned twice on the Third Day of Creation (see Genesis 1:10 and Genesis 1:12). All the other days have this phrase mentioned only once (except for the second day, Monday, where it is not mentioned at all. Hence, Monday is always a lousy day for everyone...


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But why?

Posted by: Joshua, Murrieta, CA on Mar 13, 2007

I had actually wondered about this fact in ב֌ְךֵאשׁ֎ית before, but somehow I never considered the fact that so many Jewish people I know found Tuesday "lucky" was connected to this reasoning.

Is there any reason why it is mentioned twice on the third day?

Editor's Comment

The classic commentaries such as Rashi (Genesis 1:7) Nachamandies and Ibin Ezra (ibid 1:9-10) mention that the first "it is good" is connected to the day before. On Monday G-d did not say "it is good" even once. The reason they give is because He hadn't finished establishing the parameters for the water; only vertical parameters were set on Monday. On Tuesday, after establishing the horizontal parameters for water, leaving space for dry land, the creation of water was complete and G-d said it was good. Then He went on to create the vegetative life on dry land, for which He stated it was good as well. A more homiletic interpretation is found often in Chassidus based on the Talmud Tractate Kidushin 40a "Good to heaven, and good to creation" - the double term of good on Tuesday is meant to imply that it is good spiritually and good physically; good for G-d and good for people. (See Likutei Sichos volume 20 page 368 and footnotes there).


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