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What is an "ayin hara" (evil eye)?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg


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When one views another's success (possessions, accomplishments, etc.) with envy, an ayin hara (evil eye) is created, which can cause harm to the object of the jealousy. This is why we try not to flaunt our successes.

It is said, however, that an ayin hara only affects someone who is concerned about them. So if you have lived until now without the fear of ayin haras - you can continue your habits without any concerns!

[Ed. note: Read a chat about "Why should we worry about Ayin Hara? If we serve G-d, He will protect us!"]


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Ayin Hara

Posted by: Anonymous, San Francisco, CA on Jan 29, 2005

Is it true that you should try to get away from a person that you feel may be doing Ayin Hara to you? For example, my friend is always pointing out my good qualities with a negative attitude as if she's turning it against me. Please let me know what YOU think

Editor's Comment

Well if you are concerned -- stay away!


Posted by: Anonymous on Dec 06, 2006

This sounds like superstition. Please cite where you are getting this from.

Editor's Comment

See "Why should we worry about Ayin Hara. If we serve G-d, He will protect us!" (