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Why are married women allowed to make wigs out of their own hair, isn't that like keeping it uncovered?


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Mrs. Shaffer: can I help you?:)

henny34: can you make a sheitl out of your own hair?

henny34: Hi. I was just wondering if it is permitted for a woman to have her hair cut and make a sheitl out of it?

Mrs. Shaffer: there ins't a Halachic problem with that

henny34: so what would be the difference between that and keeping her hair uncovered?

Mrs. Shaffer: well..put it this way

Mrs. Shaffer: a man might feel pelasure in caressing his wife's hair...running his fingers through her hair

Mrs. Shaffer: if she were to cut it..and construct a wig out of it...what's the liklihood that he'd find plesure in running his fingers carressingly through his wife's wig?

Mrs. Shaffer: :)

henny34: I see. Interesting point.

henny34: thank you!

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Pertaining to Jewish Law.
A wig (in Yiddish) worn by women after marriage to cover their hair for modesty purposes.