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What do I do if I forgot to count the Omer one night?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg


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1. If one did not count the Omer by Maariv, it can be done the entire night with a blessing.1

2. If one did not count the Omer throughout the night, one can count the Omer on the following day without a blessing. From then onwards, however, one can continue counting the Omer with a blessing.2

3. If one did not count the Omer for an entire 24 hour period, one must continue counting the Omer for the rest of the nights until Shavuot, but without a blessing.3


  • 1. Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 120:1
  • 2. Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 120:2
  • 3. Ibid. (In such a circumstance, it is best to listen to the blessing which the Chazan recites and have in mind to be covered by his blessing).


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Early summer festival marking the day when the Jews received the Torah at Mount Sinai in the year 2448 (1312 BCE).
Starting from the second day of Passover, we count forty-nine days. The fiftieth day is the holiday of Shavuot. This is called the “Counting of the Omer” because on the second day of Passover the barley “Omer” offering was offered in the Holy Temple, and we count forty-nine days from this offering. [Literally, "Omer" is a certain weight measure; the required amount of barley for this sacrifice.]
Evening prayer service. One of the three prayers a Jew is obligated to pray every day.