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Can an intermarriage take place in a synagogue & with a Rabbi?


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Rabbi Yossi Mandel: Hello. Please be patient, as I am chatting with more than 1 person. I'll be with you shortly.

Jane: Do both partners have to be Jews to be married in a synagogue?

Rabbi Yossi Mandel: yes

Rabbi Yossi Mandel: Maybe the following from our knowledgebase will be helpful...,2178346/Where-does-the-Torah-prohibit-Intermarriage.html

Jane: Under any circumstances can a Rabbi perform a marriage with one partner a non Jew?

Rabbi Yossi Mandel: A Rabbi has no power to do so, as the wedding ceremony sanctifies the relationship between the husband and wife.

Rabbi Yossi Mandel: How can a relationship not allowed by G-d be sanctified?

Jane: Thank you for answering my question. You have been very helpful.

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