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Are Jewish men considered the head of the household?
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Why do Jews still follow Judaism when the majority of the world doesn't?


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Mrs. Esty Davidson: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment...

larryk: hello, a chanich [Ed. note: student] of mine asked me: why do you still follow Judaism if the majority of the world doesn’t?please can you help me with an answer

Mrs. Esty Davidson: let me tell you a story

Mrs. Esty Davidson: rabbi yonatan eishitz was very bright from the start

Mrs. Esty Davidson: the king knew it and wanted to test the young boy

Mrs. Esty Davidson: he invited him to the palace and ordered all servants and maids to hide

Mrs. Esty Davidson: the boy entered the huge building, and without any help spotted the king in one of the rooms

Mrs. Esty Davidson: the king asked him how he knew where he was, and the boy answered that he saw all curtains open and only one closed, so he figured the king was hiding right there. the king was pleased, and he continued asking:

Mrs. Esty Davidson: suppose you didn't know where I was and the servants were around, what would you do if they didn't all give you the same answer as to my whereabouts?

Mrs. Esty Davidson: the boy said, 'i'd follow the majority'

Mrs. Esty Davidson: this was the answer the king was waiting for! he said, so why don't you follow the majority when it comes to religion?

Mrs. Esty Davidson: the boy smiled and said - majority rules only when you're not sure about something, but when you have no doubts, majority won't change your mind. if i'd know for sure that you're in a certain room, even if all your servants would tell me otherwise, i wouldn't believe them1

larryk: very good :)

larryk: thanks

Mrs. Esty Davidson: you're welcome

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  • 1. Similarly, ever since the Sinai Revelation to 3,000,000 people the Jews knew “where G-d can be found” – in the Torah.


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