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Why does one receiving an aliyah stand at the bimah until the next aliyah is over?
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How was it determined where every aliyah should start and end?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg


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a. Every Torah portion has seven sections (aliyahs).

b. Every one of these sections must end and begin on a positive note.

c. A section cannot end if there are less than three verses between the end of the section and a space-break in the Torah (in either direction).

Every one of the seven sections of Torah reading must end and begin on a positive note
d. Obviously, we don't want to end a section right in middle of an idea.

Based on all these rules, we are pretty limited on where we can end a section. And for (at least) hundreds of years, it has become standard procedure exactly where to stop for each of the aliyahs.

There are a few places in the Torah where there are different customs where to stop.


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