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Can a Jew who was not Barmitzvahed get an aliyah at a bar mitzvah?


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Rabbi Dov Schochet: Welcome... What's on your mind today?

Rabbi Dov Schochet: hi

Joanna: Can A jew who was not Barmitzvahed get an Aliyah at a bar Mitzvah

Rabbi Dov Schochet: explain ur question please

Joanna: My sons barmitzvah is next Nov. and I want to know if we can honor ajew who was never barmitzvahed with an aliyah at the synagogue before Torah reading??

Rabbi Dov Schochet: Every Jew over the age of 13 is considered a Bar Mitzvah, which literally means he is responsible and obligated to keep the mitzvahs in the torah. Even someone who has never had a ceremonial bar mitzvah is still considered a bar mitzvah and is considered an "adult" in Jewish law and responsible for their actions. so in answer to your question, yes you may honor somoeone who is over 13 and who never had his "ceremony" for his barmitzvah.... perhaps you will thus have 2 "bar mitzvah ceremonies"....your son's and this persons:)

Joanna: Thank you.I was concerned about several family members who have no feeling or observasnce of judaism.neither of these individuals believes in Judaism-religion and do not observe any thing.

Rabbi Dov Schochet: is there anyway you can bring them sto study classes

Joanna: I am afraid that the answer is no. They are both in their early 80's,have never had an affiliation with any branch of judaism and only tolerate sitting at a Seder,mainly for the food.

Rabbi Dov Schochet: ok, well then you don't have much room to work with do u?

Joanna: Not at all.i guess for the sake of family peace,I will include them in the ceremony

Rabbi Dov Schochet: yes you can, they will be very happy and thank u for it

Joanna: Thank you for your insight.

Rabbi Dov Schochet: welcome

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(pl. Mitzvot). A commandment from G-d. Mitzvah also means a connection, for a Jew connects with G–d through fulfilling His commandments.
Torah is G–d’s teaching to man. In general terms, we refer to the Five Books of Moses as “The Torah.” But in truth, all Jewish beliefs and laws are part of the Torah.
Literally means to rise up. Has two popular meanings: 1. Being called up to the Torah scroll and recite the blessings when the Torah is being read. 2. To emigrate to the Holy Land.
Festive meal eaten on the first two nights of the holiday of Passover (In Israel, the Seder is observed only the first night of the holiday). Seder highlights include: reading the story of the Exodus, eating Matzah and bitter herbs, and drinking four cups of wine.
Bar Mitzvah
The thirteenth birthday of a Jewish male. On this day -- customarily celebrated with a modest party -- the adolescent reaches adulthood and is responsible to observe all the commandments of the Torah.