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What is Isru Chag?

by Rabbi Lazer Gurkow


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Isru Chag is the day after a chag (holiday). Isru means to bind. The day after the chag enjoys an afterglow of the chag and is therefore "bound" in some sense to the chag.

The term comes from a verse in Psalms 118 which refers to the festival offering as a chag and mentions that it was bound to the altar. The words that are used in that verse are Isru Chag.

The day after the Chag enjoys an afterglow of the Chag
Though the day after each chag is called Isru Chag it has special relevance to the day after the chag of Shavuot. This is because Shavuot is a one day holiday (in Israel) and many Jews were unable to bring their festival offering for lack of time. A seven day "make up" period was established to provide for this shortfall.

Tachanun is omitted from the prayers on Isru Chag.


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Sections of the prayers involving confession and asking for forgiveness. Tachanun is omitted from the prayers on the festive days of the Jewish calendar.
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