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Is it right to abort a fetus with a genetic deformity?


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Rabbi Gurkow: Welcome to the Rabbi's one on one chat room, how can I help you today?

anonymous: Is it right to abort a child with a genetic deformity?

Rabbi Gurkow: no

Rabbi Gurkow: it goes without saying that bringing a child with genetic defects into this world is a very difficult and sad endeavor, but at the same time, sick children are also wonderful sweet and loving little creatures that G-d placed in our path so that we can nurture them and offer them a part of our humanity and soul

Rabbi Gurkow: it is a trying challenge, but everyone who has gone through it has said that it was worth every moment

Rabbi Gurkow: remember also, that G-d only gives his children the challenges that they can handle

anonymous: Thank you for your help,

Rabbi Gurkow: if this is someone's challenge then they ought to walk away with a measure of comfort knowing that g-d has placed a tremendous privilege in their hands

Rabbi Gurkow: by saying that they have the resources and strength to get through this and to do it well

Rabbi Gurkow: your welcome

Rabbi Gurkow: and the best of luck to you

anonymous: thank you

anonymous: bye

 [Ed. note: Generally speaking, this is the Jewish approach to this issue. However, a competent rabbi should be consulted in every actual situation, as every situation is unique and there are always exceptions to the rule.]

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