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What is the Jewish view on organ transplants?
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Why was Moses born circumcised?

by Rabbi Levi Cunin


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The Torah uses the expression "uncircumcised" for four human organs: the male procreative organ, the ears, the heart, and the mouth. These organs are referred to as "uncircumcised" or as possessing a "foreskin" when the individual does not use them to be sensitive to others or to G-d.

The stated organs, must be guarded scrupulously from any contact with negativity; any "foreskin" on these organs--experience of insensitivity, selfhood and unrectified ego--must be rejected. 

There are great righteous individuals that were born already circumcised. Moses was one of them. The job Moses was handed was different then the struggles most of us have to overcome. Moses was a of a very high consciousness and as such he was able to see the clearly the insanity of the ego. Moses job was not about dealing with his ego his job was to be a channel. For this reason he was born the way he was.


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Life Cycle » Circumcision
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