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What can I say to dear friends on the anniversary of the death of their son?


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Rabbi Yossi Turk: Bienvenidos Welcome. Un minuto ya lo atiendo. I'll be with you in a moment...

Fay: what can a gentile say to dear jewish friends on the anniversary of the death of a son -- an untimely death, if i may add

Rabbi Yossi Turk: we miss him dearly

Rabbi Yossi Turk: may his soul have an elevation in heaven

Rabbi Yossi Turk: he surely prays up there for the well being of his family

Fay: that was simple... thank you

Fay: obviously youve figured that i'm not jewish

Rabbi Yossi Turk: yes sure... you stated so

Fay: but my friends are very special to me and im trying to learn some of your customs. their son was only 20 and i am a christian but i believe that god welcomes all his children into his home

Fay: i have to belive that xxxxxx is in heaven

Rabbi Yossi Turk: sure

Rabbi Yossi Turk: very nice of you

Fay: thank you and God bless

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