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The Torah doesn’t say not to eat meat and milk; it just says don’t eat a kid in its mother’s milk?
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How do I explain G-d to my autistic child?

by Rabbi Levi Cunin


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Without being an experienced professional in this field, it would be difficult to address this issue.

At the same time one must always remember that a diagnosis of any type can never obstruct the Soul of that person. As with the rest of us, the Soul remains intact regardless of a person's physical or mental condition.

I therefore would suggest, doing actions with your child such as prayer and putting money in a charity box or handing it to the poor, even if you don't think that your child understands it. For regardless of such physical circumstances, your child's Soul is excited about behaving in a G-dly manner. You do your part, and leave the rest up to G-d.


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Miscellaneous » Health Issues

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