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Why only after the Messiah comes can a third Temple be built?

by Rabbi Yossi Marcus


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The third Temple will be very different than the first two. The first two temples were great but they were not permanent. They were both eventually destroyed. The third temple will be the last temple and it will last forever.

The first two temples were built by man. Man is limited and finite and so are his temples. We have a tradition that G-d Himself will build the third temple. G-d is infinite and so will His temple be. (What exactly is meant by G-d building this temple is a separate discussion.)

Such a temple can only be built in the messianic era, once the world has entered its new stage and goodness and light become the norm. A temple built in the present will not have that infinite property.

See for more on G-d’s role in building the third temple.


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The Temple

Posted by: Katherine, Lexington, KY on Apr 10, 2005

I have always thought taht the Temple was metophoric. I take it you are saying it is literal.

Editor's Comment


the temple

Posted by: Todd Berman, Long Grove, IL on Dec 02, 2005

I always thought the building of the third temple to be metephoric of an era where people are universaly unified, under one nation, in an era of peace.

Beis HaMikdash

Posted by: Meir on May 17, 2006


The Third Temple will be very physical, however, the spiritual climax of Creation will express a 'Temple' for G-d within each Jew. Thus, each Jew will be a 'Temple', the Jews as a whole will be a 'Temple', and the entire world will also be a dwelling place and vessel for the revelation of G-dliness and G-d 'Himself'. With all this, there will exist a physical Temple as the center of G-d's presence in this realm. And in fact, according to Chassidic teachings, this revelation of G-d at the time of Moshiach will in fact far surpass any 'revelation' which has ever existed below or above- it will bring to light the essence of G-d, such as cannot possibly even exist in the highest of spiritual realms. And this revelation- G-d Himself, so to speak- will be visible and known to all beings alike.

However, since 'service' of G-d involves striving at greater heights regardless of ones level (infinitely), therefore, even then there will be a need for service in the Temple.


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1. Usually a reference to the Holy Temple which was/will be situated in Jerusalem. 1st Temple was built in 825 BCE and was destroyed in 423 BCE. The 2nd Temple was built in 350 BCE and was destroyed in 70 CE. The 3rd Temple will be built by the Messiah. 2. A synagogue.
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