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Shouldn't a good person know not to steal or kill even without the Ten Commandments?

by Mrs. Dinka Kumer


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Yes, he should know.

Which makes you wonder how genocides occur?

We are too close to World War II to forget the millions of cold blooded murders which were committed in the name of a good cause, through a government campaign in a modern country.

On a lighter note, if it is so clear that a thief should be prosecuted, why is Robin Hood glorified?

When we leave the rules of good and bad in human hands, even regarding matters that seem so obvious, those rules can become fuzzy. Suddenly, good can be evil, and wrong becomes right. We need G-d to 'set the rules in stone'. We need rules that are absolute and immutable.

Spiritually speaking, there is no comparison between a person who doesn’t steal because it's immoral, and a person who doesn't steal because it's G-d's commandment.

G-d did program our minds to understand that murder and theft are not good. Many laws make sense to us, and that's why most of the time, people abide by these morals. Yet, G-d wants to create a greater, incomparable opportunity for us. He wants us to fulfill these commandments because He commanded them. He wants us to connect to Him (not the local justice department). He wants us to attain the very goal for which we were created—to unite with G-d. We can do this by fulfilling each and every one of the commandments.

Through performing these commandments we take our logical minds and transform them into receptacles for G-dliness. We do the same not stealing, but for a better reason. We do it for G-d. When we make G-d a real and constant part of our lives, our finite being becomes one with the Infinitude of G-d.


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