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Is there a problem with portrait painting or human statues?


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Rabbi Jacobson: Welcome to askmoses. How can I be of help today?

Artist: Does Torah forbid a Jew to be a sculptor or a painter?

Rabbi Jacobson: no its not forbidden

Rabbi Jacobson: in making statues there are certain restrictions which a jew must comply with

Rabbi Jacobson: painting is no problem

Artist: Would a Jew be permitted to make a statue of another human being or a statue of an animal for the sake of arts?

Rabbi Jacobson: with certain limits

Rabbi Jacobson: u can't make make a full face of a human

Artist: so a statue of David in Italy would be a no-no in Israel even if it stand in museum

Rabbi Jacobson: a rabbi would have to make that decision, b/c some statues if they are a bbit 'damaged or the face is missiung a part it might be ok, so a rabbi would decide that in a case by case basis

Artist: Just one more question. Why is that OK to paint a human face but it is not OK to make a sculpture of it?

Rabbi Jacobson: the tosofot in tractate avodah zarah explains that a painting on a flat surface doesn't constitute any prohibition1

Artist: Thank you for you helpfull info

Artist: Have a good day

Rabbi Jacobson: no problem. Have a fabulous day. G-d bless you

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  • 1. See Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 168; Avodah Zarah 43a and Tosefot there; Yoma 54a and 54b and Tosefot there.


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