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Where is Gan Eden?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg


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I can guarantee you that no matter how many billions of dollars are invested in the space-program, NASA will never succeed in sending a shuttle to send regards to all our relatives...

Gan Eden is spiritual, and is not bound by physical limitations and therefore it is no place and every place. For example, where is the theory of relativity? That's a silly question, because an intellectual concept is not defined by the parameters of place or time. Only the physical is evaluated based on these factors. Gan Eden is a spiritual level which the soul experiences. In fact it is possible for a great Tzaddik (saint) to experience this level while alive on this world.


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Life Cycle » Death » Afterlife

(fem. Tzidkanit; pl. Tzaddikim). A saint, or righteous person.
Gan Eden
The Garden of Eden. A garden in Mesopotamia where Adam and Eve were placed after creation. They were expelled from the idyllic garden after eating from the Tree of Knowledge. Gan Eden also refers to a spiritual realm where the soul receives its reward after departing from the body.