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When one is reincarnated, do they always come back as the same gender?


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Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: Welcome to the Rabbi's one on one chat room, how can I help you today?

Dina: I have a question about reincarnation. are you familiar with this subject?

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: a little

Dina: when one dies, do they only come back as the same gender?

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: ordinarily a male is reincarnated as a male and a female is reincarnated as a female

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: there are times when the opposite occurs, but that is very rare

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: there are times when a human soul is reincarnated into an animal or plant but that is also rare

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: and very uncomfortable for the soul

Dina: so it can happen?

Dina: so, how does one know if a male is reicarnated into a female?

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: this is not something the ordinary person would know

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: though the female reincarnated from a male usually has a very difficult time having children...

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: not that all women who cannot concieve are reinvarnated males!

Dina: oh

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: so that really does not tell us anything

Dina: so, are there any books that help one find out about their past life?

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: no, there are not

Dina: I have heard of some, but I do not know which ones are genuine.

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: it is not really our business or concern

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: our concern is to wonder why we have been placed back in this life

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: because the only reason we are reincarnated is to make up for a lost Mitzvah or lost mitzvahs

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: and since we don't know which ones we have to make up for

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: we must use every opportunity to make up for them all

Dina: so, there are no jewish authors that talk about past lives? Genuine jewish authors?

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: no authors who indicated who is reincarnated from whom

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: there is a book called shaar hagilgulim

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: it is in hebrew and written by the student of the Arizal

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow: it is in Hebrew and is highly Kabbalistic and not intended for the lay person. In any event it is about the general concept of reincarnation, and does not discuss how to know your past life.

All names, places, and identifying information have been changed or deleted in order to protect the privacy of the questioners. In order to preserve authenticity, the chat sessions have been posted with a minimum of editing. Please excuse typographical errors, missing punctuation, and/or grammatical mistakes which naturally occur in the course of informal chat sessions.


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(pl. Mitzvot). A commandment from G-d. Mitzvah also means a connection, for a Jew connects with G–d through fulfilling His commandments.
(adj.) Pertaining to Kabbalah—Jewish mysticism.
Rabbi Isaac Luria, the 15th Century founder of Modern Kabbalah.