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In what manner will the body be resurrected?



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As a person leaves [dies], so will he come - whether blind, deaf, clothed, or whatever; as G-d says, "Let them arise as they left, and I shall heal them."1 Some understand "clothed" as referring to the shrouds in which a person was buried, others understand it as referring to the clothes he was accustomed to wear.2

It should be mentioned that it is the body one possesses now that will be resurrected, not some other body. And although the body decays and rots, there always remains one bone, known as the etzem luz, at the very top of the spinal column, that does not rot or decay. From there the Almighty will rebuild the remainder of the body. He will knead the bone in "the dew of life" and build the body from there3 .

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  • 1. Midrash Rabbah 95; Zohar 3:9 1 a; Also see the Zohar 1:203b which states that in the time when Israel will be resurrected from the earth, there will be many blind and mute people and other defects, but then G-d will illuminate them with the great intensity of the sun and heal them". This idea is based on a talmudic state­ment (Nedarim 8b) that at creation G-d hid the full radiation of the sun and saved its healing power for the righteous in the World-to-Come.
  • 2. Teshuvos U'Biurim by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, sec. 1142.
  • 3. Zohar 2:28b


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