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My Child Wants to Know What Purpose Does Death Serve

by Rabbi Simcha Bart


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My 6 year old asked, "Why does G-d make people die?" How do I answer her?

Thanks, Cheryl D.


Ask your child if s/he knows someone who moved from one city to another, or from one school to another. You can explain that sometimes people move because what they needed to do in the first location finished - for example, someone moving to a different school, because s/he finished all the grade levels at the first school.

So too, G-d sends people down here to earth to because He wants them to learn and accomplish things, and when they are done, their soul leaves their bodies to move to a different place.

Also, just as someone misses a friend who moves away, we also miss people who leave this world when they die. To a friend who moves to another city, we can send letters, pictures and packages. This makes our 'pen-pal' very happy. To a soul who left this world we send good deeds and acts of kindness that we do in their merit, which also makes these souls very happy in their new place.

We hope our moved-away friend will come and visit us in our city or our school. We wait to see loved one who passed away back here with us again when Moshiach comes!






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