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What can I use as a pre-existing flame on a holiday?


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Rabbi Eliezer G: Welcome to the Rabbi's one on one chat room, how can I help you today?

candlelight: If I need to have a pre-existing flame to light candles for the second day of yontif [Ed. holiday], is it ok to use a yahrtzeit candle? I have never lit one before.

Rabbi Eliezer G: yes - that is ok

candlelight: It feels like it would be a bad omen to light a yahrzeit candle with my parents, thank G-d, alive. Is there an alternative?

Rabbi Eliezer G: if you ahve a gas stove you can light that

Rabbi Eliezer G: certainly if there is a pilot you can use that

candlelight: I think the stove has an electric starter.

Rabbi Eliezer G: then light ayhartzeit candle

Rabbi Eliezer G: and dont worry

Rabbi Eliezer G: it is commonly lit for this purpose

Rabbi Eliezer G: and does not carry any connnoration under the circunmstances

candlelight: OK, thank you. Have a happy and healthy new year

All names, places, and identifying information have been changed or deleted in order to protect the privacy of the questioners. In order to preserve authenticity, the chat sessions have been posted with a minimum of editing. Please excuse typographical errors, missing punctuation, and/or grammatical mistakes which naturally occur in the course of informal chat sessions.


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