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Must there be a sheva brachot every day of the week after the wedding?

by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg


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These sheva Brachot gatherings are not mandatory—and it certainly isn’t required to have one every day of the week. Nowadays, however, it has become standard convention to have one every day. Traditionally, family and close friends divide the honors, often with several friends and/or family members collaborating on each of the sheva brachot.

Nowadays, however, it has become standard convention to have one every day


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(Plural form of "bracha.") Blessings. A Jew is required to recite a bracha before gaining any sort of benefit or pleasure such as eating or drinking (and usually afterwards as well); or before fulfilling a Mitzvah (commandment).
sheva brachot
1. The seven benedictions recited in honor of a bride and groom beneath the wedding canopy and at subsequent celebrations. 2. The celebratory week following a wedding (during which time the aforementioned blessings are recited.)