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Where was Moses buried?

by Rabbi Yossi Marcus


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Moses was buried on a mountain outside of Israel, specifically Mt. Nevo or Nebo. Where precisely? The Torah itself tells us1 that no person can know.

"Rabbi Chamah ben Chaninah said: Why was Moses’ grave hidden from the eyes of flesh and blood? Because it was known before G-d that the Holy Temple would be destroyed and the Jews would be exiled from their land. Perhaps they would then come to Moses’ gravesite and tearfully plead and say, “Moses our teacher, stand and pray on our behalf!” Moses will stand and will nullify the [harsh] decree [of exile], for Tzaddikim are greater after their passing than during their lifetimes. For we find that when the Jews were in the desert and they blunder by making the Golden Calf and G-d angrily declared to Moses that he would destroy the Jews. How many tzaddikim were there in that generation? And how many pious people? Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Eldad, Medad, the seventy elders, and all the other wise people and disciples. But G-d did not [forgive] on their behalf. He only rescinded His decree on behalf of Moses!"2


  • 1. Deuteronomy 34:6.
  • 2. Sotah 14a, according to the version quoted in the glosses of the BaCH.
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Moses' grave

Posted by: David Malakh Adom, Apollo Beach, FL on Oct 25, 2005

I noticed you said it is clearly in Torah Moses was buried in Nebo or Pisgah. Actually the Torah does not say this but it does say 'Beth Peor'.

Also, when we read the Torah, it says "Nebo, to the top of Pisgah, that is over against Jericho". We know Jericho was on the west side of the Jordan river. So we have the Torah saying the actual place is opposite of where we think Moses went. If this is so then Nebo is the tallest mountains near, and just north of Jericho, that a person can see the sea from, which is against the cliffs on the west side of the Jordan valley, not in Jordan, which is the east side of the Jordan valley.

So is Moses actually buried in the modern day land of Israel, but was only not allowed to live in the land.

Your thoughts.

Editor's Comment

Mount Nebo is on the EAST side of the Jordan River. Moses was buried on the mountain, OPPOSITE Jericho, i.e. across the river from Jericho.
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1. Assumed the leadership of the Jewish people after Moses died in 1267 BCE. He split the Jordan River and led the Jewish people in their conquest of the Promised Land. 2. One of the 24 books of the Bible, which chronicles Joshua's leadership.
[Hebrew pronunciation: Moshe] Greatest prophet to ever live. Led the Jews out of Egyptian bondage amidst awesome miracles; brought down the Tablets from Mount Sinai; and transmitted to us word-for-word the Torah he heard from G-d's mouth. Died in the year 1272 BCE.
Brother of Moses. First High Priest of Israel and progenitor of all Kohanim (priests) until this very day. Died in the year 1272 b.c.e.
Plural form of Tzaddik. A Tzaddik is a saint, or righteous person.
1. Usually a reference to the Holy Temple which was/will be situated in Jerusalem. 1st Temple was built in 825 BCE and was destroyed in 423 BCE. The 2nd Temple was built in 350 BCE and was destroyed in 70 CE. The 3rd Temple will be built by the Messiah. 2. A synagogue.
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