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When did the Rabbi take the place of the high priest or priest?

by Rabbi Moshe Miller


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These were always different functions. Moses was the rabbi, Aaron was the High Priest. The priesthood is an hereditary function -- anyone descended paternally from Aaron the Kohen is a kohen and nobody else. One cannot become a kohen if one is not his descendent. However, some Kohanim are also rabbis.


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Plural form of Kohain. Priests of G-d. This title belongs to the male descendants of Aaron, brother of Moses. The primary function of the Kohain was to serve in the Holy Temple. Today the Kohain is still revered and it is his function to recite the Priestly Blessings on certain occasions.
[Hebrew pronunciation: Moshe] Greatest prophet to ever live. Led the Jews out of Egyptian bondage amidst awesome miracles; brought down the Tablets from Mount Sinai; and transmitted to us word-for-word the Torah he heard from G-d's mouth. Died in the year 1272 BCE.
Brother of Moses. First High Priest of Israel and progenitor of all Kohanim (priests) until this very day. Died in the year 1272 b.c.e.