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Why wait until marriage?


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Mrs. Shaffer: can I help you?:)

whywait: I have a question: I am not promiscuous and I have never been. I really only want to have sex with the girl I love and who will be my wife when married. I love her so much and I am going to marry her (I promised this and I will keep it, and so did she).

whywait: why must I wait until the actual wedding, why can't we be intimate now?

Mrs. Shaffer: how old are you?

whywait: i am 39

Mrs. Shaffer: so what's keeping you from getting married?

whywait: basically nothing, but i met this girl only about 6 months ago and we have a wedding date scheduled for six months from now

whywait: i have been married before and my wife asked for the divorce

whywait: i tried to fix it with councelling, she didn't want it

whywait: so eventually i agreed to divorce, and only after that i met this new, lovely lady, i want to marry

Mrs. Shaffer: ok

Mrs. Shaffer: so that's great

Mrs. Shaffer: you have a time frame within which to get to know her all the better, and then you'll get married

Mrs. Shaffer: and then...when you're'll enter into a relationship that sets your marriage apart from our premariage rlationship

whywait: yes

Mrs. Shaffer: the very fact of yoru intimacy will define you as married

whywait: i do understand

whywait: so in fact in that very moment we become intimate is the moment we eventually become married?

whywait: and the wedding is just the celebration of this very moment and its culmination point?

Mrs. Shaffer: you've got it kind of backwards :)

Mrs. Shaffer: it's when you sign a wedding contract/ when you are oficially, in the eyes of G-d and the world, a married couple...then you engage in intimacy

Mrs. Shaffer: that intimacy is exclusive to marriage

Mrs. Shaffer: that belongs only in marriage

whywait: but in the eyes of G-d a contract or a piece of paper is not the relevant point, isn't it?

whywait: is G-d not looking to our hearts and to the promise we made to each other and to each other's heart?

Mrs. Shaffer: let me ask you something?

Mrs. Shaffer: are you going to buy her a ring?

whywait: yes, and of course the most beautiful

Mrs. Shaffer: let me ask you a theoretical question:

Mrs. Shaffer: let's say you see a ring that's magnificent....she'd really love it.....and it costs way moe than you have .... and you know that some day you'll be able to pay for it....

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