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Why don't we bless the month of Tishrei on the Shabbat beforehand?
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Is Shmini Atzeret part of the holiday of Sukkot?

Shmini Atzeret is really an independent festival. That's why we make a Shehecheyanu blessing on this festival (as opposed to the seventh day of Passover...

After the Holidays - Now what?

Wow! Has it been hectic or what? The Hebrew month of Tishrei is a doozy! Imagine – well one doesn’t really have to imagine – an entire...

Simchat Torah: Dances with the Torah

Sukkot is known as the "Season of Our Joy." The joyousness of the holiday works up to a crescendo as the final days approach. Finally, the...

What's the connection between the High Holidays and Sukkot?

Question: The High Holidays and Sukkot are in the same month, just about back to back, and seem to be connected. But what's the connection between the...