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May I borrow a Tallit from a friend without his knowledge?
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The Battle for the Kotel

On Av 9, 3829 (69 CE), the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed for the second time by the Romans (the first temple was destroyed on the same date 490...

What is the order of the Tishah b'Av prayers?

The parochet (tapestry which covers the Ark) is removed—or at the very least it is moved to a side. According to Chabad custom, the cloth on the...

Are marital relations permitted during the Nine Days?

Yes, it is permitted, except for Tishah b'Av, the final day of the Nine Days.

Why aren't tefillin worn Tishah b'Av in the morning?

A mourner on the first day of shivah does not wear tefillin (see Does a mourner wear tefillin?). Based on this law, the famed Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg...

Why are the mourning laws of Tishah b'Av relaxed after midday?

Indeed, after midday (Halachic time) of Tishah b'Av some of the restrictions are lifted. Several examples: If one must go to work on Tishah b'Av,...

Days of Mourning: The Three Weeks

A Kind Suffering The Hebrew word Chesed, kindness, has a numeric value of seventy-two. Kabbalah teaches that the last seventy-two days of the Hebrew...

Can I wear a leather belt on Yom Kippur or Tishah b’Av?

There is a popular misconception that one may not wear any leather on Yom Kippur and Tishah b'Av. Actually, one may wear leather belts, jackets,...

What caused the destruction of the Holy Temple, and how can we rectify that?

The Talmud,1 explains why the Babylonian exile which followed the destruction of the first Temple lasted only a predetermined seventy years, while we are...

Are tzitzit worn on Tishah b'Av morning?

Rabbi Naftali Silberberg: Shalom-Welcome. How can I help you? Eli: Since tallit and tefillin are not worn during the morning services of Tishah B_Av, does...

When do the rules pertaining to the Three Weeks start?

They start with sundown of the evening prior to the 17th of Tammuz. The fast starts in the morning, but the “Three Weeks” start at night.1...