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When is it permitted to utter the name of G-d?
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What are all the Fast Days?

The 3rd of Tishrei (the Fast of Geddaliah). (see also "Why do we fast on the Third of Tishrei (Tzom Gedaliah)?" ) The 10th of Tishrei (Yom...

Why was a fast day established for the day of Miriam’s passing?

The 10th of Nissan is observed by some as a fast day, in commemoration of Miriam's demise on that date. The death of Miriam indirectly led to the death of...

What happened on the Ninth of Av?

Picture this: The Israelites are in the desert, recently having experienced the miraculous Exodus, and are now poised to enter the Promised Land. But...

What is the Fast of Esther?

The day before Purim, the 13th of Adar, is a fast day, the Fast of Esther. The fast starts approximately 72 minutes before sunrise and lasts until...