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Where does the Mitzvah of toiveling utensils originate from?
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On which calendar dates can't an upsherin be held?

There are quite a few days on the Jewish calendar when it is forbidden or discouraged to take a haircut. If the child’s third birthday falls on any...

What is the preferred location for an Upsherin ceremony?

An Upsherin is customarily not an event of large proportions; it is not as lavish – not even close – as a bar mitzvah. The modest party is...

What is an Upsherin?

It is an age-old Jewish custom to refrain from cutting a boy’s hair until he is three years old. On the boy’s third Jewish birthday it is...

What is the standard procedure for an Upsherin ceremony?

There are no customary prayers to be said at an Upsherin. The young lad is dressed in tzitzit and kipah and everyone, men and women, takes a turn at...

What are the origins of the Upsherin custom?

It isn't clear exactly when the custom of upsherin started. The first mention of the custom is in Shar Hakavanot1 which was written by R' Chaim...