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How do I put up a mezuzah?

Mezuzahs need to be affixed on every doorway of your home or apartment with the exception of the bathrooms.1 The mezuzah should be affixed on the...

What's the purpose of a Mezuzah?

The purpose of affixing a Mezuzah is to fulfill a Mitzvah - a Divine Commandment.  One of the purposes for this Mitzvah is to facilitate other...

Why is the mezuzah attached to the right doorpost?

1. The Talmud1   derives from a verse2   that the mezuzah must be placed on the side which you encounter first when you enter. The average...

What's inside and on the outside of the Mezuzah?

Inside the Mezuzah case is the actual Mezuzah.  The Mezuzah is a rolled up scroll of parchment containing two passages from the Torah: the...

What is a mezuzah?

A. "And you shall write them [the words of the Shema] on the doorposts of your house and on your gates."1 A mezuzah is not an ornate,...

What is Shema?

A. Shema is the central and absolutely most critical prayer is Judaism. It sums up the essence of Jewish faith in its power-packed opening verse: Shema...