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What is the blessing recited for nuts?
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Does a Synagogue need a Mezuzah

Question: Why do some Shuls [synagogues] not have mezuzahs? Answer: A place that is only used for prayer is not obligated in a Mezuzah (the Bet...

I just got my mezuzah checked. Do I need to recite the blessing when I re-hang it?

First of all, yasher koach – good work – on having your mezuzahs checked! Many people do not realize the importance of checking their...

I live in a cottage owned by a non-Jew. Do I affix a Mezuzah?

Mrs. Shaffer: can I help you?:) Anne: I live in a cottage which is owned by a non-Jew. Can I affix a Mezuzah? Mrs. Shaffer: if you're...

Why is it important to have KOSHER Mezuzahs?

There is no magic in the ink or parchment of the mezuzah. A mezuzah is special because it serves as a conduit for Divine blessings for a home and its...

Are there any Jewish customs associated with moving to a new home?

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkov: Welcome to the Rabbi's one on one chat room, how can I help you today? teacher1: What are the customs of moving into a new...

What should I know before purchasing a mezuzah?

A mezuzah must be bought from a trustworthy, G-d fearing vendor. An authentic mezuzah is a hand-written Hebrew text on a parchment scroll. It takes a lot...

When do I need to put up a mezuzah?

Question: How long must I reside in a residence in order for it to require a mezuzah? Thanks, Shalom M. Answer: One does not affix mezuzahs to a...

How large must a room be in order to require a mezuzah?

A room must be sizeable enough to be inhabitable in order to require a mezuzah. The halachic determination is that a room which is less than four cubits...

Does a vacant home require a mezuzah?

Only a house which is actually inhabited or used by a Jew requires a mezuzah. A home which is vacant and unused does not require a mezuzah.

Which doorways require a mezuzah?

We are required to affix a mezuzah to the right-hand1 doorpost of every doorway of a Jewish residence. This includes storage rooms, garages and basements...