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The Temple Menorah had seven branches, why isn't the Chanukah Menorah the same?
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The Haggadah, the Ultimate Educator's Handbook

In the Haggadah we read about the Four Sons, their questions, and the proper responses for each one. A superficial reading of these passages doesn’t...

Honor thy Children (They’ll choose your nursing home)

Every year, we hold the Passover Seder. Every year, we have the Four Sons ask their questions. Every year, the Wicked Son at the Seder asks his bitter...

How important is Jewish education?

Jewish education raises Jewish children who know who and what they are, so that when they become adults, they are proud, knowledgeable Jews who then raise...

I'm a former Yeshivah student on campus. What should I be learning?

You don't tell me which campus you're on, or what you're taking or why--that makes it hard to give advice. So I can only be very general.You...

Where can I go to study Judaism fulltime? Part-time?

It’s good you’re asking that question. Because the truth is—studying Judaism is an ongoing process of questions and answers. You...

Is there an established study programme how to teach Noahides?

Question: Is there any established study programme or any structure whatsoever how to teach Noachides according to the teachings of the Rebbes of...