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What are the ingredients of Passover matzah?

It’s the shortest list of ingredients that you’ve ever heard: flour and water. Though not in the same ratio as the papier-mâché...

Why are the matzahs lined with tiny holes?

Theses holes are made with a hand or machine operated mechanism (depending on the kind of matzah you have) in order to prevent the matzah dough from...

Why is hand-made matzah so expensive?

When you buy a box of packaged cookies at Kosher Mart you know it’ll costs less than some deluxe delicacies from the “Kosher & Swank...

Was the original Matzah round or square, and which one is better?

In the mid nineteenth century a Matzah baking machine was invented in Europe, and along came the mass produced square Matzah. Until that point Matzah was...

What does a person allergic to wheat/gluten do about eating matzah?

Regretfully, because the Halachah is that one can only perform the Mitzvah of eating Matzah at the Seder with a Matzah that is made from one of the five...

Does the Matzah Ball have any meaning?

Not really. On Passover we cannot use flour when we bake or cook because it will become leavened when coming in contact with moisture. Instead we...

Does G-d really care if I eat Matzah?

Passover is our collective birthday, the season when our nation was born. The Exodus from Egypt was the beginning of our spiritual journey which led us to...