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Does a mourner dance by hakafot on Simchat Torah?
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What is a Jew?

All peoples of the world know who they are—they’re forthright about it. Koreans are Koreans, Norwegians are Norwegians, and...

Am I less of a Jew if I was never Bar Mitzvah'd?

You’re as Jewish as Moses. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony is a celebration of something that happens to you at age 12/13: you become an adult. The...

What's the difference between Chabad and other Chassidism?

An Orthodox Jew is someone who abides by all the commandments of the Torah and all Rabbinic decrees. This description applies to Chabad as well as many...

How has the Jewish nation outlived all its oppressors?

A. We don’t need no education—which means to say we do need education. And when it comes to Jewish survival, lots of it. Jewish education is...

Why are so many Jews involved in altruistic causes?

The Jewish nation was created with a mission: A mission to introduce G-d to the world, to bring all of creation to its Creator, and to turn a jungle...

What is Jewish integrity?

 “Jewish” means an expressing of the Jewish soul, usually via the religion called Judaism, and “integrity” means keeping...