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Where did the Jews pray after the Temple was destroyed?
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I am not sure to what form of Judaism I belong

Question: Is it better to be an observant Reform Jew or an occasional Conservative one? Answer: It is better to be a better Jew! In other words: a Jew...

Why are there many "Torah observant" Jews who break the law?

Rabbi Shlomo: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment...what's on your mind? Thinker: if the torah is a code of morals then why are there so many...

What is the difference between orthodox, conservative and reform Judaism?

Reform and Conservative are relatively recent interpretations of Jewish tradition. Orthodox is the term the Reform movement used to describe those who...

What are the different kinds of Jews?

There are three types of Jews: 1. Those who do mitzvahs. 2. Those who do more mitzvahs. 3. Those who do even more mitzvahs. ...But I've yet to...

A Torah-observant Jew is coming to visit us. Any advice?

It is very nice to see how considerate you are of the feelings of your guest! Observant Jews eat only kosher food. Most foods can be bought at your local...

Why do many religious Jews dress only in black?

They don't. While halachah emphasizes the qualities of the color black, and indeed, many Chassidic groups literally wear only black (and white),...

What is the difference between Chassidism and Orthodox Judaism?

To someone who is not a Chassidic or Orthodox Jew, it may be impossible to distinguish between the two. (All those black clothes!) However, there is a...