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Why should I go to Synagogue where I don't feel spirituality?

Judaism is not designed merely to give us an experience. There is something much more powerful than that--transformation.The problem with experience is...

Mrs. Olidort, do you like to sit in a different room when praying?

Different? You mean a partition? I'm not bothered at all by that. My prayers are between myself and G-d, and I don't need recognition from the men...

If I pray at home, do I still have to wear tefillin?

It is best to make yourself part of the community’s prayers. If this is not possible, tefillin can be worn in the convenience of your home, at your...

Why must a minyan consist of TEN Jews?

Due to the profound sanctity naturally associated with certain prayers and rituals, it is required that they only be recited/performed in...

What is a shul?

A. A shul (pronounced SHOOL) is a synagogue. The word “shul” comes from the same root word for school: the Old German schule, or place of...

What is a chazzan?

A. A chazzan (pronounced KHAH-zahn) is a cantor, the Jewish religious official of a shul who conducts the liturgical or musical part of the service and...