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If women are important why can’t they do the same things men do?
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Does a Stone Have a Soul?

As human beings, it's only natural that we view the animal, plant and inanimate realms as lesser things. Consequently, the human sees himself as the...

Do animals have souls?

Every object which was created by G-d contains a divine spark which gives life and existence to that object. This spark is known as the "soul."...

What is a soul?

A. The soul is to the body what the astronaut is to the spacesuit—it functions like a battery, giving the body life and animation. Take the...

What is a Jew?

All peoples of the world know who they are—they’re forthright about it. Koreans are Koreans, Norwegians are Norwegians, and...

Why are so many Jews involved in altruistic causes?

The Jewish nation was created with a mission: A mission to introduce G-d to the world, to bring all of creation to its Creator, and to turn a jungle...

What is the “mazal” of the soul?

The mazal is the part of the soul that does not enter into the human consciousness. It remains above, hovering, aloof. While the lower aspects of the soul...