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If intermarriage is not desirable, why can't my fiance convert simply and quickly?

Judaism does not seek converts and initially discourages potential converts. Only those who are truly sincere and have the proper motives are accepted as...

Why should I choose an orthodox conversion?

Conversion is much more than acceptance of a certain belief or way of life. A real conversion is actually a "soul transfusion." Upon immersing...

If a convert is supposed to be Jewish, why wasn't he born Jewish?

This question is actually a microcosm of the much larger question as to why we were born into the circumstances and challenges that surrounded us....

Is the soul of a convert the same as the soul of a Jew?

Yes. "A Jew is a Jew." And the same Jewish soul -- part of the Divine Essence -- can be found in any person who was born to a Jewish mother or...

How does a convert get a Jewish soul?

There is an interesting difference between when a convert receives a Jewish soul, and when that soul is actualized as a Jewish soul. According to...

How do you tell a person who thinks she's Jewish, that she isn't?

Tzippy: I have friends who are getting married (to each other), but I just learned from the groom's best friend that his fiance's mother was...

Where is it stated that a Kohen (Priest) may not marry a convert?

The prophet Ezekiel says,1 that Kohanim should only marry women who are "offsprings of the house of Israel." The prohibition for a Kohen to...

Is the conversion process different for men and women?

In principle no, in ritual obviously yes -- as there is no circumcision.

Need I convert to Judaism if I share its beliefs?

No.Belief in G-d, while a Jewish contribution, is by no means a Jewish monopoly. All of mankind ought to believe in G-d, and, as a matter of fact, Judaism...