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How do I know whether a particular bird is kosher or not?
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How do I put together my Lulav set?

Here's the deal: Call your local Chabad center and they will help you with the assembly! But if you want to try it yourself (not recommended), here...

What are the Four Species?

The Four Species are three types of branches and one type of fruit which are held together and waved on the festival of Sukkot to fulfill the...

What is a lulav?

A. A date palm tree’s branches grow vertically at the tree’s top, with the leaves folded and packed tightly against their spine to form a...

Is there any significance to the four species, besides the unity thing?

Yes. Sukkot is the start of the rain season in the Mediterranean region. In fact, the Hoshanot recited on every day of the holiday are primarily...