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What's the deal with Havdalah when Shabbat and Yom Tov are consecutive?

When Yom Tov ends on Friday night, Havdalah is not made. Havdalah is only made when entering a day of lesser holiness, and the Shabbat is holier than...

Why do we smell fragrant spices during the havdalah ceremony?

At the conclusion of every Sabbath, during the "havdalah" ceremony, we sniff at aromatic herbs or spices (whole cloves are very popular). When...

In Havdalah, we bless “He who creates the illuminations of fire.” Why is "illuminations" plural?

Actually there is an opinion in the Mishnah, Beit Shammai, that says that the blessing should be “he who created the illumination of fire.”...

Why is Savri Maranan said in kiddush before the blessing on the wine?

There are a number of explanations: 1. Wine, over which we recite the kiddush, can be a negative thing if used improperly. For example, according to some...